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Our Process

Our Process

Our process begins and ends with a focus on the client: understanding the client’s profile, the needs of the client, and the client’s risk parameters and return expectations.  Once this is understood, we begin to create an investment plan tailored to each client. In doing so, we utilize our decades of institutional knowledge in client service and financial markets to help each client realize their goals and objectives.

How We Work

We believe that successful long-term investing is based on understanding the art and science of the financial markets, the risks inherent in the markets, and combining that with the commonsense approach of “keep it simple”.  To us, “keep it simple” means creating investment portfolios and employing investment strategies that are as straightforward and simple as possible.  We have learned over the decades we have managed money that complicated does not mean better and it can, in fact, have the opposite effect. We design portfolios that can be understood and explained to our clients and any board or committee that might work with us.

 The portfolios that result from this approach/philosophy are designed to have consistent, repeatable, and understandable results. 

Services We Provide 

  • Create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) tailored to the client including asset allocation and investment guidelines
  • Selection of investment funds with a customized portfolio
  • Monitor the portfolios to ensure compliance with client guidelines
  • Monitoring investment results from return and risk perspectives
  • Analysis of market developments and new investment opportunities
  • Market Commentary
  • Board & Investment Committee Meetings