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Burrows Capital Advisors Elevates Leadership with Ashley Villarreal and Rolando Villarreal

Burrows Capital Advisors Elevates Leadership with Ashley Villarreal and Rolando Villarreal

September 15, 2023

Burrows Capital Advisors, a prominent name in financial advisory, proudly announces the promotions of two accomplished individuals within its leadership team. Ashley Villarreal has been appointed as Managing Director & Controller, leveraging her rich experience from Wells Fargo and University Federal Credit Union. Rolando Villarreal, with a strong banking background and 7 years at Burrows Capital Advisors, rises to the role of Managing Director & Head of Operations.

Ashley Villarreal's journey to Managing Director & Controller is a testament to her remarkable achievements in financial management. Drawing from her successful tenures at Wells Fargo and University Federal Credit Union, Ashley brings a unique blend of expertise in strategic planning and financial solutions. Her role as a manager at Wells Fargo showcased her exceptional ability to oversee financial operations and drive results, while her time at University Federal Credit Union highlighted her talent for fostering collaboration and adapting strategies.

Rolando Villarreal's promotion to Managing Director & Head of Operations underscores his profound impact during his 7-year journey with Burrows Capital Advisors. With a solid banking background and hands-on experience within the company, Rolando has consistently demonstrated his prowess in operational excellence and strategic innovation. His leadership acumen has streamlined processes and enriched client experiences, contributing significantly to the firm's growth. Rolando's dedication to refining operations is evident in his keen market insights and proactive measures to enhance operational efficiency.

"We are excited to recognize Ashley and Rolando for their extraordinary contributions to our firm's progress," remarked Don Burrows, Managing Partner of Burrows Capital Advisors. "Their promotions reflect their proven abilities to drive financial excellence and operational innovation. We are confident that Ashley and Rolando will steer our firm toward even greater success."

Ashley Villarreal shared her enthusiasm, stating, "My experience at Wells Fargo and University Federal Credit Union has equipped me with valuable insights to lead financial operations. I am honored to contribute my expertise to Burrows Capital Advisors' continued success."

Rolando Villarreal expressed his gratitude, saying, "I am humbled by this opportunity and excited to leverage my experience to enhance our operational strategies. The journey with Burrows Capital Advisors has been incredibly rewarding, and I am committed to driving our operations to new heights."

About Burrows Capital Advisors: Burrows Capital Advisors is a financial services firm headquartered in League City, TX, dedicated to providing comprehensive investment management and financial planning services. With a client-centered approach and a commitment to innovation, Burrows Capital Advisors continues to be a trusted partner in helping clients pursue their financial goals.

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